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ebuynsell.com is a part of First Global Venture Limited Group. ebuynsell.com is the leading platform for global wholesale trade. We serve millions of buyers and suppliers around the world and bring you hundreds of millions of products in over 33 different major categories, including consumer electronics, computer Accessories and apparel etc. Buyers for these products are located in 190+ countries and regions, and exchange hundreds of thousands of messages with suppliers on the platform each day. We stretch and operate our business globally from our offices in The United Kingdom, United States of America, China and India.

As a platform, we continue to develop services to help businesses do more and discover new opportunities. Whether it’s sourcing from your mobile phone or contacting suppliers in their local language, turn to ebuynsell.com for all your global business needs. The company provides suppliers the required gears and support to cater their reach to the world-wide audiences for selling their products and services. On the other hand, we help buyers from all corners of the world to connect to the suppliers and find every article of their choice in a quick, efficient and hassle-free manner.

In the era of e-commerce it’s a MUST for every business to sell its products and services online, hence we welcome all the Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers to the most customized and cost-efficient product listing on world’s largest B2B and B2C marketplace, to collaborate with us and avail the widest possible set of trading options.

ebuynsell.com envisions emerging as the most preferred, reliable and flexible trading platform on the internet, which will empower traders to stay ahead of the competition and maximize their revenue by using the unique and powerful tools, crucial information and latest methodologies.

ebuynsell.com aspires to be a company that creates value for entire society through out the world. Our mission is “to make it easy to do any small or big business anywhere.” By changing the way small businesses and entrepreneurs conduct business and giving consumers access to a broader selection of products and services. We believe that expansion and growth is everyone’s right. That is why we inspire companies to scale up and do business globally.

We are committed to the highest standards of business conduct in our relationships with each of our business partners, shareholders and customers. ebuynsell.com helps and provides adequate support to its customers throughout the business association to achieve their desired objectives, thereby propelling them to the next level.Today the company operates leading wholesale and retail online marketplaces as well as Internet-based businesses offering advertising and marketing services.

Why choose ebuynsell.com?

  • With the highest bandwidth and reliability, we have the Strongest technology in place, which assures your products are always visible to global audience.
  • Our B2B and B2C trading platform is designed to maximize opportunities with advanced functionalities and a User-friendly interface that provides users everything they need in a single-click.
  • Multi-language Support for any linguistic customer and step-by-step assistance to non-technical users through our 24/7 Customer Support Service.
  • We offer the most Secured Merchant Interface for all our customers right from managing account statements and transactions to configuring reports and account settings – we provide every opportunity to portray your product catalogue the way you want. Uploading the product is made trouble-free and easy with Instant Access.
  • Our Digital Marketing set up is strong enough to help businesses make their presence felt online throughout the world.The available advertising options can aid in driving more ebuynsell.com's visitors traffic.

Meet our CEO

Mr. Amol Patil is the founder of ebuynsell.com which is a part of First Global Venture Limited, Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and also serves as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since the company’s inception.

His vision is to reach out to every possible buyer and supplier throughout the globe. Providing the most standard and user friendly platform to market products and services universally to the clients is his main goal.

Taking personal interest in the development of business of his clients keeps him wrapped up all the time. He even ensures that the customers achieve global presence by allowing them to reach out to people from every corner of the world.

In today's world it is not difficult to do business globally if you get right provision and know the best platform to be on. Amol wants to instil this confidence into all of his clients with full assurance to push them until they achieve their business goals.

He articulates, “We would do everything it needs to take our clients and customers to the next level in to their business and help transform their small or big businesses into Global Operating Companies with eclectic business exposure.”

His strategies are to run extensive online and offline advertising campaigns and participate in varied trade fairs globally to represent the company and their valued clients.


ebuynsell.com have made it a MISSION to emerge as the most preferred global B2B and B2C platform for both buyers and suppliers, thus bringing together the best of both the worlds.

It’s our strong feeling that buying and selling are the basic requirements of the economy, and it should be accessible to everyone. We also know that a lot of communication and individual tailoring are essential from a very early stage, before a conversion process can begin, in order to make customers feel secure, valued and informed. So we make sure that all the strategies of marketing through us are carefully pitched.

Our idea is to encourage all small-and-medium-sized enterprises to compete in international market and meet the need of their clients.

The basic agenda that we adhere to is expediting global trade and being a medium of communication between buyers and suppliers world-wide.

We love to work smarter and create internet based technologies that is the backbone of our fast, safe and reliable online marketplace.

It does not matter whether the users are buying, selling, simply browsing or subscribing to our newsletter, best is the minimum quality that they can expect from our services. Keeping up with the latest news, trends and exchange rates of the market through our interactive platform, would definitely help them do business in the most promising manner.

We believe that long-term relationship is the key for all categories of business deals and we sturdily abide by it in every possible way.

For Buyers:

ebuynsell.com completely understands today’s market needs, and adopts an optimized mix of latest technologies for advertising products and services. We provide one of the most user friendly and advanced technological platform to our buyers and suppliers to enable them fulfill their business needs. In doing so, we channelize our resources towards the most appropriate medium or communication platform. ebuynsell.com actively market their products.

  • Make your enquiries and deals more interactive and fast with our optimum chatting platform that connects you with the worldwide suppliers. This helps avoid long waiting for replies and quotes.
  • Use our Multi-Language Support Platform and get to see the entire website content in your preferred language.
  • Keep yourself informed through our detailed product information in multiple formats like elaborate product descriptions, amazing visual images, relevant product manuals etc. Experience the excellent search and compare functionalities, product reviews, ratings and many more useful features.
  • Get expert support at every step while conducting trade with your selected suppliers, through our comprehensive Buyer Service.
  • Join our platform and access an excellent and customized assortment of information and functions, all for free.

For Suppliers:

ebuynsell.com completely understands today’s market needs, and so adopts an optimized mix of latest technologies for boosting your business. Our advanced strategies allow you to grow your business worldwide and create a recognition.

  • Take advantage of our premium and exclusive homepage advertising space created just for the right business exposure.
  • Make your business interactions with buyers faster and easier with our open chatting forum and avoid waiting for replies and order confirmation from them.
  • Chat with our multilingual and technical experts, 24/7 for any assistance regarding the usage of our portal and services.
  • Use our Multi-Language Support Platform and get to see the entire website content in your preferred language.
  • Promote your brand and products through our active marketing policies on a global basis, which includes off-line services like participation in global import/export fairs, outdoor campaigns and on-line services like periodic newsletter, promotional e-mails and phone calls.
  • Add unlimited number of products and company information to our Optimized Product Directory.
  • Acquire more attention and trust of global buyers through our reputable platform.
  • Discover the latest trade news, interact with members from different corners of the world and receive full business support and assistance from our global platform to achieve all your business dreams and goals.


ebuynsell.com believes that every business, no matter big or small, has the potential to compete, grow and flourish on a global scale. Our platform is not only about buying and selling, but a lot more than the typical conventional B2B and B2C designs. Convenience and multiple functionalities are what set us apart as a true leader in the e-commerce space. Our exclusive business model presents:

Multi Quotes in Single Click: ebuynsell.com gives you the flexibility to ask for as many quotations as you like for your desired product, all with a few clicks.

Customized products Request: You can place requests for customized products as per your requirement and our listed suppliers will respond to your request.

Various Search Options: Multiple search options are available for you to search your desired product. You can search by product-name, product-category, vendor/supplier name and region from which the products are sourced.

Customer Support Service: Get 24/7 assistance from our expert customer service team on any relevant queries.

Interactive Buyer-Supplier Chatting Forum: Connect easily and instantly with your chosen suppliers or potential buyer through ebuynsell.com’s unique interactive chatting platform.

Extremely User Friendly Platform: Quick and Easy registrations for worldwide buyers and suppliers.

The values we nurture are rudiments to the way we operate the business.

Our Values are:

Serving our Customers

We always keep our customers first. We do everything in our command to ensure that we offer them with the best services and solutions that would suit their needs, on condition that all we do for them are based on complete business principles. Our first priority is to serve our clients in the best possible way and make their business carefree and enjoying.

We actually exist to help and assist our customers whatsoever be the size of their business by providing them with one of the world’s most popular and user-friendly trading platform. With this we make the entire world easily accessible to all our customers.

We strive to be approachable and compassionate and devote in long-term relationships that lasts a lifetime.

Our customers- buyers and sellers-are our business associates. We advocate for their utmost interests. We want our clients to feel they are part of ebuynsell.com, and we are their own company.

Working Together

We at ebuynsell.com believe that the right teamwork enables average people to accomplish extraordinary things in life. Our company is people oriented, co-operative and high-flier. We constantly encourage our customers to work together with us by providing accurate and descriptive information about their products and services on our platform. This would enable the buyers get a clear understanding of what they should expect if they do business with the suppliers.

We work together in bringing out the superlative qualities in each other and crafting a robust and successful working relationship.

Whatever our customers need, to make their business globally recognized we are there to provide the same. Our associates can take their business to the next level by advertising their products and services in the most smart and optimum way. They would get full opportunity to represent their brand and products in Global export/import fairs through our platform globally. They could be part of our online promotional campaign. Even our homepage advertisement exposure facility would allow them to always be present in the online web.

Action the Right Thing

This ever-changing world has taught us to be flexible, inventive and ready to adapt to different new business conditions in order to survive and be successful. Our demeanor speaks louder than our words.

Acting transparently and keeping promises are not our only objective, we ensure the safety of people and viable practices within the community and across the globe.

We understand the up-to-the-minute need of the world to make businesses global and the way to convert small enterprises into big commercial giants. In today’s competitive world, expanding business and achieving the desired goals are not at all easy, but ebuynsell.com’s committed and ethical team makes it quite simplified for the customers so that they may focus on other areas of their business.

Our customers are kept entirely stress free as we take over all the responsibilities related to their business expansion and advertisement also to use the latest technologies and skills to achieve them on their behalf.

We have made our system so flexible that they align with all your values and goals. We know how to manage priorities both for short-term and long-term businesses. Acting responsibly is our main goal. Quality, ethics, security and admiration are the arenas that always take us ahead.

Thinking Ahead

Sustainability and commitment are the aspects that we focus on. We realize that people who exhibit perseverance and brilliance are highly rewarded. So we strive not to take anything lightly and encourage each of our associates to work, grow and meet success.

The power of our constant business innovations makes us grow better, keep learning and even sometimes accept setbacks.

Our platform is all about entertaining business operations worldwide, with facilities like multi-language support which enables customers to use it efficiently in no matter what language they are comfortable in. The immensely simplified functionality of our portal allows people from any educational background or culture, take good advantage of it.

The advertising domain has made a huge recognition in today’s media prone world. So we are completely armed and equipped to make the most out of it.

Once a customer joins us, there is no need for them to worry about the competitions and marketing of their products and services globally.

We want to assure our customers that by associating with us they have made the right choice, as our guidance at every step would help them grow and become one of the most popular businesses in their own industry.

We understand that our success lies in the progress and satisfaction of our clients, and we put our entire strength, expertise, and experiences to do business in an open, empathetic and long-standing way.

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ebuynsell.com has helped my business grow by giving me a platform to connect with the best fit supplier for my requirement.
Anna Rose
At the initial stage of my business, I had trouble finding the best supplier, it was a time consuming process for me. With ebuyandsell.com extensive database I have been doing my business with ease.
As a supplier, We used to get lot's of enquiries and it was difficult to keep track of them. However, with ebuyandsell.com now I can easily track everything.
R. D. Shetty
ebuynsell.com has made it so easy for me to sell my products. All I need to do is update my products and it is ready to be sold to millions of people across many countries.
Faizaan Fayaaz
ebuynsell.com signifies trust and reliability for suppliers as well as buyers. The system ensures a seamless business transaction between supplier and buyer.
John Taylor
I got the product that I was looking for, from a trusted supplier quickly at the best of the price.
Yashdeep Sinha